Day 17 - Starward Solera

Published by Ben on Dec 17, 2020

Day 17

Holiday wishes from Melbourne, Australia, come in the form of Starward Solera - a Single Malt from The New World Whisky Distillery and made from only the best Australian barley. The whisky is aged in casks made from re-modelled Apera barrels - similar to sherry. Perhaps to the dismay of staunch whisky purists, the Australian distillery transfers its chilled-out attitude to its whisky (although not to their filtration process) declaring ‘there is no right way [to drink it] as far as we’re concerned.’ Whilst their attitude to tradition remains unconventional, it is most definitely working, with a number of Gold Medals from the World Whiskies Awards under their belt. Rich and balanced, this drink is full of jammy fruits, cream and spice with a dry and satisfying finish. Halfway through our Advent whisky journey, we heartily welcome this new take on a very sherry Christmas!

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