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The Balvenie Stories: 14 Year Old Week of Peat - Flood Damaged

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Flood damaged stock - no boxes and some label damage but undamaged seal. 

This 14-year-old expression from Balvenie's 'Stories' collection has been aptly dubbed 'The Week of Peat.' Named after the annual week that The Balvenie Distillery dedicates to distilling peated whisky. "It’s clear that it’s The Balvenie – as opposed to an Islay peat – with that honey, vanilla, citrus flavour but with an extra layer of delicate smokiness.” -David C. Stewart.   Each bottle featured in 'The Balvenie Stories' is equipped with an NFC-enabled neck tag, when scanned a podcast is revealed reciting the narrative that inspired that particular bottle, an innovative addition from Balvenie, we feel it completes the multi-sensory experience! 

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