COMING SOON! Cask Explorers Club Pack 1. Im'port'ant casks


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The innaugral release of The Cask Explorers club this new series of tasting experiences will delve into the complex side of whisky production, focusing on regional styles, cask maturation and finishing programs. The Cask Explorers Club will be a place to discover how the journey from grain to the glass is such a diverse space and by evaluating a selection of whiskies with shared 'personality' we will discuss and compare, all whilst enjoying the company of invited guests and other club members via the online events. 

Pack 01: The first pack of The Cask Explorers Club takes focus on the marriage of Whisky and Port! Port which is a fortified wine from the region surrounding the city of Porto in Portugal is one of the more well known fortified wines of the world and due to the production quantities Port casks have an established history of usage by the Whisky industry. 

We have an exciting line up of four drams which have all used Port casks in the production of their whisky. Starting off with an iconic brand the Famous Grouse Blended Scotch have stepped away from their traditional line to produce a Ruby cask edition, Ruby is a term used for a style of port wine. We will then explore how port casks are used in different ways for the production of Single Malt. Tomatin distillery in the highlands produce a 14 year old Single Malt finished in Port casks as part of their core range. Following this the Tobermory 12 Year Old Limited edition was finished in Port Pipes and bottled at cask strength for this small production run of a few thousand bottles. Lastly, we will explore a full maturation process with the Highland Park Fire which spent it's full 14 years in Port pipes. 

Subscription Members to the Cask Explorer Club for the monthly blind tastings will receive exclusive pricing discounts for the whole Cask Explorers range alongside additional members only perks and content.