Whisky Tasting Packs And Gift Sets To Buy Online


Are you looking for the perfect gift for a whisky lover? Check out our new luxury whisky gift sets and tasting packs.

We have curated a range of stunning whisky gift sets that are beautifully presented in quality packaging and quaint dram bottles. Our whisky tasting packs make the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, or as a corporate gift.  Each one of our luxury whisky gift sets comes with tasting notes to guide you through the tasting experience and describe every unique element and complexity contained in each dram of our miniature whiskies.  We create new varieties of our miniature whisky gift sets on a regular basis. We have a repeat customer base, who enjoy sampling new and exciting whiskies to help them make an informed purchase on our 70cl bottles of whisky. See below a few examples of the amazing whisky gift sets we have available for you to enjoy or give as a gift.

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