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Hibiki 12 Year Old Whisky


From the distillery: Offered first in Europe, the home of fine whisky, Hibiki 12 Year Old won high praise for its complex flavours and delicate taste, surprising people that it was only a 12-year-old whisky. It blends carefully chosen malts aged 12 years or older with a selection of mellow grains. The sweet splendour of the aromas and flavours are underlined by the use of malt aged in plum brandy barrels. Blending this with malt that has been slowly aged for more than 30 years results in a deeply mature taste.


Distillery Background: The sweet luxury of Hibiki flavour and aroma is woven from a variety of individual malt whiskies developed over the years at Suntory's Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries. These malt whiskies, matured in climes visited by the four seasons year after year, are carefully selected by blenders with well-honed sensitivity and master skills. The flavour is then refined through an exacting process of repeated blending. This is the harmony of time and craftsmanship for which Japan is famous. The magic of the brewer's art makes those special moments all the more blissful.

Nose: Juicy marmalade with real chunks of orange, cooked apples dusted with cinnamon, thick honey and plum wine.

Palate: Crushed almonds, stewed fruits, clove-studded oranges. Sherried malt and a subtle core of oak.

Finish: Bright and flavoursome with crisp apple and citrus.


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