So last year we had a couple of packaging issues with our 25 drams advent calendar (I know, I know, I can't believe I'm talking about this in April but bear with me on this one).

People raved about the contents of the calendar, the tasting videos that went along with each bottle and the fact that there were 25 drams instead of 24. We did however encounter a couple of issues with the inner inserts that held the bottles in place. 

Anyway, we've just finished redeveloping our new and improved packaging for next year's calendar and we're looking for some volunteer whisky loving testers from around the globe to let us know what they think! 

If you fancy receiving a free calendar containing 25 miniature drams, all you have to do is follow a couple of steps on our Facebook or Instagram (or both?) and we will pick a handful of you to send to! 

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Good Luck :)




  • Connlin Brown

    Montana USA

  • Adam Dunnington

    Hello. We like whiskey tasting and would love to help!

  • Adam Henson

    Love Whiskey! Love this idea!!

  • Dan

    I’m currently in Michigan in the US. Would love to get a free calendar to help taste the products and test the durability for shipping reasons. Thanks for the consideration.

  • Kenny Blair

    I love a good whiskey

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