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Join us fellow Cask Explorers as we dive into the intricate world of whisky! 

Our new Cask Explorer Pack range will transverse the whisky world, discovering infamous styles and exploring new processes from a global range of Distilleries and Independent bottlers. 

So the concept - Each pack will take a theme from the world of whisky and we'll explore 4 drams from this theme. Trying a line up of 4 drams will provide the opportunity to compare and contrast within a theme and see what works well and what works the best! 

Over the next few weeks, the RGW team will be tasting the packs and filming them live - you're welcome to join in with us - or just drink and taste your pack in your own time.  We'll  update the info here once we have confirmed dates.

Pack 6 - Port Cask Whisky

We have an exciting lineup of four drams which have all used Port casks in the production of their whisky. Starting off with an iconic brand the Famous Grouse Blended Scotch have stepped away from their traditional line to produce a Ruby cask edition, Ruby is a term used for a style of port wine. We will then explore how port casks are used in different ways for the production of Single Malt. Tomatin distillery in the highlands produce a 14 year old Single Malt finished in Port casks as part of their core range. Following this the Tobermory 12 Year Old Limited edition was finished in Port Pipes and bottled at cask strength for this small production run of a few thousand bottles. Lastly, we will explore a full maturation process with the Highland Park Fire which spent it's full 15 years in Port pipes. 

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