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A Whisky Gift Guide for Father's Day

, by Shelley Kelaty, 6 min reading time

Well, it seems that time is rolling round again and with Dads coming in all different shapes and sizes, and more relevantly, differing palates and peat tolerance levels (PLT's) (nah - we just made that up!)  we thought we'd compile a list of gifts to buy for Dad according to their type.  (All our recomendations won't typically be found lurking on the supermarket shelf  so you can be sure that you're getting something more exclusive)


The Sherry Bomb Dad

These are the dads who appreciate a good single malt Scotch whisky - even further, if it has the magic words 'sherry cask' on the label, they'll be swooning.  Their typical whisky shelf will include the likes of Aberlour A'Bunadh, Glendronach, and Macallans - they might refer to their whisky preference as Speyside Malts (although strictly speaking, this isn't necessarily accurate!)

You might like to try:

The Peat Loving Dad

Peat or smoke - bonfire or medicinal, a dad who likes the 'Islay' (pronounced eye-lah) malts will be looking for a whisky that's had peat in the kiln during the drying process.  These can be finished in a variety of casks, but the norm would be American Oak and bluntly, peat is an acquired taste so don't go this route unless you KNOW that he has a peat penchant!

You might like to try:


The Whisky Adventurer Dad

These Dad's can be the most tricky as they'll always be looking for something new to try (and you need to make sure that what you get is something that they haven't yet tried). You'll probably find on their whisky shelf lots of independent bottles (ie those with names of the bottlers and then a mention of which distillery it was made but without the distillery logo). These dads look for different and alternative cask finishes, different types of barley and the unusual and interesting.  


You might like to try:


The Whisky Collector Dad

Title is pretty explanatory - if you've a dad with a shelf of whisky, untouched, unopened, seals in tact, yet lovingly looked at and admired, you've a collector on your hands. Best bet is to look for something limited in number that has a potential to increase in value - and worst case scenario (or best, depending how you view life) is that he'll just drink it instead!

You might like to try:


The Unknown Whisky Dad

We don't mean if you don't know who dad even is - that would be beyond the scope of this article - lol!  We mean, either you've not paid enough attention to their whisky likes and dislikes, or they simply just don't know themselves - today's a peat day and tomorrow it's Rum Cask all the way type of guys...... Best policy here is to gift them a whisky tasting experience - any of the below will give them a well rounded, at home tasting experience and some even come with an online, watch and taste along video.

You might like to try:

The Bourbon/American Whiskey Loving Dad
These dad's are lovers of liquid from the U.S.A. - it might well fall in the same drink category as Scotch - but many a Scotchman, and conversley an American will tell you that they are NOT the same thing AT ALL!! You'll recognise names like Jack Daniels, Knob Creek, Four Roses and Jim Beam.
You might like to try:

If you want to include something extra special with your gift - or even just looking for a token dad's day 'thing' - you won't go wrong with one of our Dram Cards - a card with a whisky inside. It comes complete with a mailing box.




If all else fails, you can always send a Really Good Whisky Gift Card. They don't expire - ever - and your lucky recipient can leisurely pick their fill of great whiskies, gins and rums.

 .....and if you still can't decide, you can always drop us a line to get a more tailored recommendation - our whisky loving enthusiasts are ready to answer your calls and emails


Whatever you decide, we do hope all the dad's out there enjoy their day!

Slàinte from the RGW team 


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