Balvenie Tun 1401 Batch 3 Whisky

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The third batch of Balvenie's increasingly legendary Tun 1401 series. This was the first US release and was comprised of ten casks (seven hogsheads and three sherry butts). The Balvenie Tun 1401, Batch 3 is the first un-aged expression from The Balvenie. It is a skillful marriage of some of the rarest treasures from the distillery’s Warehouse 24 – an unrepeatable selection of spirits sourced from seven traditional whisky casks and three sherry butts, whose ages span a number of decades, and which have all been hand-selected by Malt Master David Stewart. The whisky was rested for several months in Tun 1401 – The Balvenie’s traditional oak marrying vessel – to create a synergistic single malt characterized by a deep, complex oakiness. The expression was exclusively created for the U.S., and marks the first time Tun 1401 has been available in this country. Batch 1 was only available at The Balvenie Distillery in Speyside, Scotland.   Nose: Rich and oaky with an abundance of oak tannin, dried fruits, beeswax and old leather. A little water brings out lighter, more delicate floral notes and green, leafy aromas. Palate: Luxurious and deep with many layers of vanilla oak, oily tannins, rich woody spices and sweet fruits. The initial sweetness gradually develops into deeper, richer oak and is interspersed with bursts of cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus and dark chocolate. Finish: Exceptionally long and oaky.

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