Bruichladdich 8 Years Old Octomore Masterclass 08.2 Scotch Whisky

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The Octomore series is described as the world's most heavily pleated single malt whiskies straight from the springs of the Octomore farm on the south west of the Island of Islay. Head distiller Adam Hannett has produced a masterclass of four, his first full collection of these bewildering spirits. Whilst fascinating in their own right, presented together as a set they are said to represent a powerful examination of what makes Octomore, Octomore. Each single malt produced in the Octomore 08.2 are matured for the first six years of its life in one of three styles of wine cask: 1 – French Mourvedre – a red wine grape that has a reputation for producing intense red fruit, and strong, earthy, even gamey flavours. 2 – Austrian sweet wines – full bodied and charming with an ability to challenge convention with innovative techniques. 3 – French Sauternes – Casks from the Graves section in Bordeaux that previously held some of the most revered and exclusive dessert wines the world has ever seen. Each of the above were second fill casks which had calmed the wood perfectly in preparation for a longer maturation with the mighty Octomore, they were then moved into fresh Amarone casks for a further two years.   NOSE: Sweet and fruity redcurrant, blackcurrant and strawberry notes contrast with a deep smokiness. Not overly sweet such as that of a sherry cask, slightly tart and refreshing. A note of malt likened to that of an Assam tea.PALATE: A fruit explosion - redcurrants and cranberries. Slowly followed by the peat, subtle and complimentary, with notes of tobacco, similar to that experienced within a cigar. Rounded off with heat such as that experienced with chilli peppers and spicy cinnamon. FINISH: A sweet yet spicy finish, the ghost of blackcurrants and earthy vanilla with a punch of heat ever-present at the back of the throat.

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