Bruichladdich Black Art Edition 03.1 Whisky

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Classic proportions with a texture that is gorgeous. So warm, sweet and mellow after 22 years maturation in the highest quality oak casks, from several nations, leaving nothing more to be desired. Absolutely bewitching!   Nose:  Dusty wine, blackberry cobbler, pears, strawberries, oatmeal with brown sugar, hints of cognac, red wine and mushroom sauce, savory herbs like sage and thyme, savory meat pie (lamb and pastry) Palate:  Dry, fruity oak and cherry Pop-tarts, then sauteed mushrooms, mouthwatering sherry, dry red wine, berry compote, and a prominent clove note that reminds me of French oak Finish:  Dry oak, more clove spice, faint herbs, fruity funk. That fruitiness stays around for a while with some dry oak and a little pipe tobacco. Medium length

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