Dalwhinnie 20 Year Old - Cask Strength Limited Edition

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This malt has been aged 20 years by The Dalwhinnie distillery, founded in 1897, sits at the heart of the majestic Cairngorms National Park in the Scottish Highlands. The distillery does a range of official bottlings, with its signature single malt being the 15 year-old although the distillery also produces a 20 year-old and a 36 year-old, among other Distillers Editions. Almost all bottlings are official ones. Independent bottlings haven’t been seen for decades. Only a minor percentage of the single malt distilled at Dalwhinnie is marketed as single malt, with the majority being used in the Diageo-owned Buchanan and Black & White blends. Due to its high altitude setting, the distillery today also fulfils a dual function as a working meteorological station, with readings being taken daily.   NOSE: honey, smoky, spicy PALATE: fresh, glazed honey, spices and apples FINISH: Medium length, very Christmassy, warms the soul with spice

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