Glenmorangie Cote D'Or Burgundy Wood Finish - Old Presentation Whisky - 70cl 43%

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Finished in Burgundy barrels, this is one earthy Glenmorangie, an interesting dram for sure, and one that bears little resemblance to the standard bottling. Initially matured in American oak casks, Glenmorangie Burgundy Wood Finish has been racked into selected Burgundy 'Barriques' from the Cote D'or for extra ageing in the final period of its maturation.   Nose: Toasty. Some bitterness. Woody, red grapes and raisins with sea saltiness and overripe red berries. Palate: Sweetish. Very fruity. Winey. Easily drinkable. Quite tannic and peppery, there is a vanilla sweetness here but the oak wood is dominant. The saltiness comes through in the middle with a bit of the red fruit.Finish: Medium length and earthy. Quite dry but leaves a lasting honey grape sweetness.

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