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Glenugie 1980 Deoch an Doras 30 Year Old Whisky

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Official bottlings of Glenugie single malt Scotch whisky are very rare, considering the distillery was closed in 1983. This is the second release from the Deoch an Doras range of official bottlings by the current owners of the brand, Chivas. This Glenugie whisky was distilled in 1980 and bottled at 30 years old in 2011.   Nose: rich and fragrant with beautifully elegant sherry. It shows classic notes (raisins, chocolate) but theyre overtaken by fresh and bursting fruits: raspberry and other red fruits, oranges, gooseberries, guava A little eucalyptus. All spiced up by precious wood Rich and what a balance! Palate: intense with different layers. Theres plenty of wood, but enough fruit to compensate (lots of orange cake, some apricot, raspberries again, prunes). Cinnamon, a little nutmeg. Almonds. Hints of cough syrup, but never crossing the line of becoming too oaky. Finish: fading very slowly on big chocolate notes and liquorice. Hints of tea.

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