Scapa - 1985 - 10 Year Old - Gordon and MacPhail 35cl Whisky

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A bottling of 1985 vintage Scapa by industry veterans Gordon & Macphail. The spirit was distilled just after the distillery was modernised and bottled 10 years later, by which time the distillery was mothballed (albeit temporarily).Scapa flow, a stretch of water linking the North Sea to the Atlantic, is famous for its roles in both World Wars, The distillery, near Kirkwall, fails to be the northern most in Scotland by only half a mile. It was founded in 1885, and was powered by a waterwheel that has now been restored. Two of the original warehouses survive, accommodating empty casks, but most of the present fabric dates from 1959. The water supply is very peaty, but the distillery uses wholly unpeated malt. It has a Lomond wash-still, which may contribute to a slight oiliness of the whisky. Maturation is in Bourbon casks, and that may account for the vanilla notes, sometimes suggesting very spicy chocolate - or licorice of the salty style made in the Netherlands.House style Salt, hay. Oily, spicy chocolate. Aperitif.Nose: apple, mango, vanilla, all very freshly picked   Nose: apple, mango, vanilla, all very freshly picked Palate: Cardamom and cinnamon add a little kick to the frutiness Finish: Medium long, malty and fruity 

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