Yamazaki Puncheon 2012 Whisky

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Yamazaki have matured this Japanese Single Malt Whisky in a Puncheon cask which at 480 litres in larger than the 230 litre Hogshead casks more often used. The result is that the whisky matures much more slowly allowing it to gently extract flavour from the cask.   Nose: Light. Slightly fruit notes. Sweet but not to the dessert-like extent of the Bourbon barrel. No spice notes either.Palate: Light on the palate - I'd have picked it as a 40% rather than a 48% ABV. Similar vanilla ice cream notes as the Bourbon barrel, but toned down, and less sweetness overall.Finish: Still sweet, but again - lighter, fruitier. Sharp, but overall, a bit "less" than the Bourbon barrel.

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