Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC11 Erna Na h-Alba Whisky


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Every year Bruichladdich presents a cask strength, Port Charlotte. PC11 is the 7th release of this limited edition. The number 11 relates to the age of the whisky. PC11 received the, for non-Gaelic speakers, unpronounceable tagline Erna Na h-Alba. Gaelic for Scottish barley. It is a tribute to the land and the people who made this whisky. Luckily, what it lacks in pronounceability, it makes up for in drinkability!   Nose: Peat smoke forms an explosive cocktail with cinnamon and oranges. Raisins and dates soaked in Cointreau with some honey. Whiffs of incense dance their way up and announce Mediterranean spices and dried mint smouldering on a barbecue. With water she slowly transforms into an oak cabinet, recently polished with beeswax. Palate: Yet it is only a prelude to what happens on the palate. Walnuts and sugar in a marriage with raisins and roasted chestnut. A delicious chocolate filled with sweet chestnut pure and minced nuts. And she is presented in a classy and elegant wooden box with red fruits. Finish: Chestnuts served with a near perfect crème brûlée. Still warm and with a crackling sugar crust. A very long finish.