Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC9 Single Malt Whisky

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PC9 is an ultra-limited-edition release and the final step on this fascinating journey before Port Charlotte came of age with the next year's full-release 10 year old. Bruichladdich said: "We considered not releasing a PC9, as there is so little of this precious spirit left, but then we felt an obligation to the many thousands of PC fans who have supported and followed its progress through PC5, PC6, PC7 and PC8 - how could we not allow a lucky few to take this next important step on the journey with us?   Nose No hanging around, pure peat smoke, spicy black peppercorns, treacle toffee, dark succulent dates, crushed sea shells, burnt orange and cinnamon sticks all contained within this cocoon of phenol. Palate Now you can taste the rich, sweet flavours from the Spanish casks, the biscuity, shortbread flavours of the barley, and always, that magical zesty, lemon peel flavour that is so unique to Bruichladdich spirit. Finish The finish is as glorious as an Islay sunset and it's here on the ending that you experience some of the most pleasurable moments you will ever experience in the company of an Islay malt.

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